E19 On the road again

We had been back from the holiday for a couple of months and life overall was really good.
We had a nice stable home and mum was managing to support us both.

I had made new friends in ST Michael’s school and the area we lived in was a huge improvement from where we had come from.

Life was about to throw us a huge curve ball but then what else is new?
As messed up as it sounds there are plenty of people who have much worse problems but still it isn’t nice when it happens to you or your family.
I think bad stuff intensifies when there is a lack of support.

I’ve mentioned my grandmother Helen in earlier blogs and she honestly didn’t give a shit about Carol.
That has to have had a huge impact on mum. Granted as hard as life was for me growing up at least I was always loved and I always had a support system.

Granted things were incredibly strained with me and my dad John for years but I knew in his own way he did love me he just had no idea how to show it due to his broken programming.

I found a very interesting article which I’ve put the link below and the crazy thing is Helen was 5 out of 6 of the given examples.

The study of psychology is still in its infancy in my opinion but it would be a treasure of information if she was given the option to get better. Unfortunately, now we will never know and to be fair she would not have taken the help as the problem was not her it was always the rest of the world.


The above article was very fitting about Mum’s relationship with Helen and I’ve found a more appropriate link for my relationship with my grandmother which I’ve put below.
I take no pleasure in writing this and I hope in death she got some of the peace she was never able to obtain in life.


Now, unfortunately, Carol had got a little too comfortable in Aigburth and she had got into relaxed habits.
She used to park the car outside the flat downstairs but had to change that because of what had happened in the past.

If John saw the car this was before the legal issues he would then come to the window and start screaming abuse to her.

This would sometimes go on for hours and the police at the time didn’t see this as an issue. So on a good day, they would send out a unit who would move him on, and then he would return without consequence.

The legal battle had long finished and John hadn’t been around for a while.
So Carol assumed that all of the fun and games between them was over. Well, you know what they say about assumption being the mother of all fuck ups?

We were on our way to school one day and we get in the car and nothing no power.
Mum can’t figure this out as the car had been working fine for months. We had nicknamed the car the frog it was luminous green and had the same shape.

It felt like it was made out of tinfoil and driving on the motorway was scary at the best of times especially when a HGV drove past.
No matter how many times she turned the car over it was dead so she figured we must have a flat battery.

We walked to school and I was late but it wasn’t the end of the world and it hardly ever happened so the teachers didn’t mind.

Carol got her friend to look at the car that night and he couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with the car but still, there was no power.
Then he figured out the problem and it was no easy fix.

The petrol was not able to burn so the engine could not start. This was because someone had put an entire bag of sugar and then a lot of sand into the petrol tank.
The car would cost hundreds to fix and that was worth more than the car.

We never had any confirmation like the other incidents who this was but who else would it be?
We had no other issues with anyone else in that area and now it looked like this was about to start all over again.

Carol’s world fell apart, this wasn’t just the car it was the fact she could not seem to break away completely from her ex.
No matter what she did he would hit back and harder and just wouldn’t move on as then he would have to admit he played his part in all of this.

The police didn’t give a shit, money was so tight and her mother wouldn’t help at all.
She had to come up with a plan and fast because this would have gone on forever.
My dad got with another girl not long after all this and they stayed together until he died in 2010.

She is still alive and has retired now. She contacted me recently to say happy birthday and to tell me I was seeing things through rose-coloured glasses.
She also went on to tell me that she does not want to be mentioned in any of the blogs because I don’t know the full extent of what happened.

I told her that I and John were OK at the time of his death and I had forgiven him. She is adamant I don’t know the full facts.
There are always two sides to a story granted but there was nothing rose-coloured about what I saw.

I am writing this blog from what I saw first hand and what I remember.
A correction I made was when I got the ages of my dad’s brothers wrong but this information is what I was given by John himself not something I just made up on the spot.

I also pointed out I was left to figure out a lot of stuff by myself and everyone was OK with that.
I also pointed out she had only read some of the blogs if she read all of them she would have a much clearer picture.

While I can understand her point of view I have had no reason to question the information I’ve been given so far.
I did say if I return to the UK I would happily meet with her and hear her side and that’s only fair.

I asked her why she was so adamant about not being in the story as she was always good to me and I didn’t have anything bad to write about her.
I cant write her out of the story completely but I will keep her identity secret so we will call her Sandy.

She does not come into the story until a little later and there is a lot of people not just from my family whose identity I will change for security reasons or it would bring trouble to their door if their past actions came out.

Carol walked into the landlord’s office and asked if there were any two-bedroom flats available close to where we were living.
He laughed as he didn’t realise all of the stress Carol was under and it would be harder to get a better flat than where we lived.

Carol ended up breaking down in his office as everything was so hopeless and she was at her wit’s end.
The landlord Clement Evans has properties all over Liverpool and he had realised that he had been incredibly insensitive.

He calmed her down and told her it would be OK and he said to her I have a big house in Woolton Village.
It is split in half and the other half is a block of flats. We plan to renovate this into flats in the next year or so would you be interested in this?

Carol jumped at the chance she needed a plan and quickly and now suddenly there was a glimmer of hope.

He told her the place is like a building sire right now but we will start work if you’re interested as it will need a new kitchen.
I wouldn’t offer this out but I see you need to move.

One thing though don’t get too comfortable here I will want it back in the next couple of years.
Carol willingly agreed but things did not work out that way and Carol still lives in this house over thirty years later.

She has spent a considerable amount of her own money on this place and made it into a beautiful home.
I don’t see her staying there forever as when she finishes one room then the other needs attention but that’s the price you pay when you live in old houses.

So it was time to move again and we seemed to do it in super quick time. I remember having to come back and get the rest of my toys as there was a lot I’ve accumulated over the years.

I also think that mum didn’t tell me to get rid of any of them as she probably realised how unhealthy this had become so she let me bring whatever I wanted.
This time though she didn’t tell John where she was going.

To be fair I can understand how this would push John over the edge but what choice did she have?
Two sides of a story or not what kind of man would go above and beyond the call to hurt someone financially and not see that it would affect his son as well.

It’s one thing to not contribute to your kid but to then write off the car and burgle the house as well as use threats and intimidation then we on a whole other level.
I know Sandy is probably pissed off reading this but this is the stuff that I remember first hand it was not spoon-fed to me.

John was never bad mouthed to me when it was quite the opposite when I was in his house especially during the legal battle when he spent all the time in his flat trying to poison me against Carol.

What also should be factored into Sandy’s opinion is she saw a whole other side to him. When they met she had her place with her name on the rent book.
He couldn’t exactly turn up when she was so established and start throwing his weight around.

He did have a lovely side and was very charming and they seemed to click together.
He got himself a job and was a builder for many years.
He still did the odd little thing here and there but he went to work everyday which makes a huge difference to your mental health.

Also when you have a steady wage coming in you don’t make stupid mistakes out of desperation just to buy essentials.

Anyway back to the story, we packed up everything and I took a last look at Parkfield Road.
I had no idea what to expect living in Woolton. It’s a nice area but it was still starting again so it was going to be very interesting.

We pulled into our new street in Woolton which was very close to Woolton woods and began to unload the van with John Coomes.

I didn’t know at the time but we would not move again from this place and we were able to start laying down some proper roots.

woolton village
woolton village

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