E27 Mr Hughes, Ex boyfriends and a very merry Christmas

The school year continued the rest of the pupils and I were all high on life due to our 2 victories.
If you remember from last week we had secured a classroom and we had also got rid of Miss Jacob.

I’ve no idea what happened to her but she has to be dead by now she was 60 back then in the 80s.

We were also blown away by the invention of heat. All of us could come to school and actually be warm instead of shivering past ourselves in a 1960s style portakabin without even a Calor gas fire to keep us warm.

calor gas heater 80s

I didn’t include in the last blog as well being sat there clueless on what to do regarding our schoolwork we were not allowed to wear our coats and we were all sat in short trousers shivering.

the school policy was the pupils had to wear short pants in all weathers until they got to secondary school which was when you turn 11.

This was a ridiculous rule and they still wouldn’t reverse it. They came to a compromise that we could wear tracksuit bottoms at break time and at lunchtime but short pants were here to stay.

In the 4th year of juniors, we had a new kid join us called Dave Cleary. He was tall and skinny and came to school with long pants on.
He told the headmaster that he could not find any short pants to fit and nobody challenged it.

Dave Cleary 4 years ago

Within a week most of us had done the same so they were forced to change the ruling to suit everyone which was a huge win especially in winter when we were forced to play outside in sub-zero temperatures.

I remember telling this story to my mum’s ex Gordon and he laughed and told me he was in short pants until he was 14.

I haven’t seen Dave for years but we are in touch via Facebook and we briefly shared the same Thai Boxing coach but at different times.
He’s doing ok and still lives in Liverpool.

So the new teacher came in Mr. Hughes and he looked like a cartoon character.
He had the tweed jacket with elbow pads and spiky blonde hair thick. he was about 40 and the lessons mainly were him stood at the front of the class talking at us.

We were allowed to talk and no matter what you did wrong from fighting with your mates to not paying attention the punishment was always the same which was one house point off.
The house point system was a little weird and ill explain it. There were four colours

Roscoe was red (my team)
Norris was blue
Salisbury was yellow
Green was green

Everyone in the class was given a team and everyone wanted their team to win.
We didn’t actually win anything and the points never carried over we would just be told in assembly, oh this team won.

For some reason, all the kids really got into this and it would usually be Roscoe or Norris that won.
It’s bizarre that we didn’t get fed up with this but yeah I can understand why the teachers used it.

So we would be chatting and laughing when we should be working

you get the idea and it got really dull quickly but not as boring as PE.
We would get out the judo mats and spend most of the class doing forward rolls.
Even as kids this got boring quickly and we called Mr. Hughes out on this.

It was clear he was making it up as he went along so one day he got us to do dance moves.
All of us were as crude as possible all doing stuff like the ravishing Rick Rude dance shown below and to us, it was the funniest thing in the world.

It was like he was oblivious to our piss-taking and kept telling us well done. The more he wasn’t wise to this the funnier it was.

Even when I lay on the matt and starting humping the floor everyone was screaming laughing but I honestly think Mr. Hughes had never had sex as his eyes were just blank and just thought we were having fun with his lesson.

As quickly as Mr. Hughes came he left and we were to get a new teacher in about a week and yes it was going to be another supply teacher.
This teacher was in controversy and was forced to leave his other school. quite quickly.

Bear in mind this was the 80s so it was simply a case of moving him to another school and hoping the mess went away.

In modern times he would be removed from children and any access to them immediately but unfortunately, this would not kick in for a few more years as it takes a child to get hurt to actually implement any changes.

I will talk about this teacher in detail in the next blog and explain everything in full.
I can’t stress enough that none of us were harmed by this dirty bastard but it would have been on the cards and his behaviour was very questionable at best.

Back at home life went on my mum started dating another guy called Graham who I suppose was a decent guy.
He was always good to me but he looked like a Kmart Tom Selleck.
Unlike Tom, he never went to the gym but sported the moustache and had dark hair.

Tom Selleck 1987

It was going well with him and mum when it suddenly came to a halt.
He decided that he was moving to London as he wanted to get a much higher paying job than he had.

I think in hindsight that he realised going out with someone with a kid is a big commitment long term.

There were no bad feelings but they went their separate ways.
He was always alright with me and nice enough and I would see him a fair bit over the next few years.

He had a lot of links to Liverpool and had many mutual friends with mum so from time to time he would be in a mutual friend’s house and to be fair he and mum were civil and he always took an interest in what I was doing.

In hindsight, mum had a lucky escape which we found out a few years later.
A good friend of my mum who we will just call Paul as I want to protect his identity became good friends with Graham.

They spent a lot of time in each other’s company and Graham became close to Paul’s girlfriend as well because they all spent so much time together.
They were close for many years and there was a point when they were all supposed to go on holiday.

At the last minute for personal reasons, Paul couldn’t go on holiday and it looks like their plans were ruined.
Paul like an idiot insisted that Graham and his girl both still go and have a good time and even took them to the airport and waved them off.

Then the inevitable happened Paul’s girlfriend and Graham ended up sleeping together. They came back from Spain as an item and as expected their friendship was over.
The romance didn’t last but the damage was done and even more so to Graham’s reputation.

Paul and he also had many mutual friends and most people took Paul’s side so he went back to London under a cloud.

As much as I hate to say it if your willing to do that with your best mate’s long-term girlfriend then your really not a good person and I especially don’t want you seeing my mum.

I saw Graham about 15 years ago in my mate’s flat. We had all been to Garlands nightclub and went back to Rick’s flat.
Ricks flat will be spoken about in detail in later blogs but it was the ultimate after-party place.

It was like the house in fight club but the place was always booming with DJs, ravers, gangsters, drug dealers, dancers, strippers and always a shit ton of randoms who ended up back there.

Fight club house
Rick in Ibiza three years ago outside his bar

People compared Rick’s place to the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester which has long gone but still has legendary status.

That like Ricks place everyone had a story to tell about the place which was always hilarious and involved drugs and alcohol.
So I hadn’t seen Graham for years and it was nice to see him. He was easily the oldest there but he was not out of place.

This was not his first rodeo and we ended up partying for about 2 days which was normal.
He even gave me a lift home and I was sorry to see him go. He was heading back to London the next day and had just come up for the weekend to party.

This was way before the days of Facebook and I haven’t seen him since that night.
I know he is still about as we have too many mutual friends and if something had happened I would have heard about it.

Whatever he’s up to I wish him well. Just because I don’t want him dating my mum doesn’t mean I have any ill-feeling towards him in fact he’s fucking hilarious and we had the best night together.

So Then I ended up having my 9th birthday in November and not long after it was Christmas.
As usual, I got spoilt at Christmas and mum got me this wildcat bike that I had wanted for a while.

It has a box on the top of the handlebars like you can see in the picture and when you pushed the buttons it made different types of siren noises.
Now, this does not sound like much but you have to understand this was all pre-internet so children would spend so much time outside even in Winter.

best bike ever for a kid
The author aged 9

We only had a couple of hours of children’s TV midweek and on Saturday morning so we would be out in the street or in the woods on our bikes.
Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t live without the internet but I’m really thankful that I was born before it so I understand what life was like back then.

The world did move a lot slower but it still moved and we were much happier as kids than kids are today. There have been so many positive changes for children but also a lot of negativity as well.

I really don’t understand cyber bullying for example. I’m not saying it’s not a real thing but why doesn’t the child in question just block the people talking shit or simply come off the internet?

I know kids can be really cruel but if other people’s words hurt people so much then maybe the internet isn’t for them?
The week before Christmas and the week before I got my wildcat bike we had another big surprise.

My grandmother Helen had decided that she wanted to talk to mum again so had decided to forgive Carol for all of the negativity she had created.
If this confuses you then go back to past blogs and it will be explained in more detail.

Mum obviously wanted to patch things up with grandma and to top it off she could see that I had no relationship with her.
At the drop of a hat, Helen would turn on the crocodile tears or start being really hurtful to mum all to score points and make herself feel better.

It was all really damaging stuff that revolved around her own self-hatred but that didn’t make things easier for Carol who was the whipping boy for years for her sadistic mother.

So we had been invited to have Christmas dinner with them all at Helen’s house.
So there would be Helen, Alf (he married Helen after my granddad Tom died), auntie Dot, me and mum.

We were supposed to get there at 2 pm for dinner and I was really excited as I hadn’t seen Nan for over a year.

It should be made clear that mum never stopped me from seeing her but Nan honestly didn’t want to know me she was much happier sat feeling sorry for herself or giving Alf a hard time

She did love him in her own way but she had a really dark past which I’ve spoken about in earlier blogs and she was never given the treatment she so badly needed and as she got older she became more bitter and twisted.

Mum rang up to tell her that we were going to be 15 minutes late as we had to give a friend a ride home and to hold the dinner.
Helen happily said no problem and we thought all was well.

Unfortunately, Carol didn’t bank on how twisted her mum could be and we got their bang on two fifteen and everyone had finished eating ages ago.

They must have actually eaten at half-past one as the table was clean and everything was put away by the time we had got there. We were made to feel about as welcome as AIDS.
This was then twisted around back to mum with Helen feigning tears saying I thought you would be very late and I didn’t know what to do oh I’ve ruined Christmas.

Then right on cue the crocodile tears we had been in their house about ten minutes. Auntie Dot stepped in calling Carol all kinds of names.
This is the same Auntie Dot who rang mum kicking off after she had left dad telling her she should sell her furniture so Nan didn’t have to break into her savings for a week.

Mum bit the bullet for my sake and we ended up eating dinner alone on the table while everyone sat with their backs to us watching TV with Helen all pleased with herself.
Helen was then obviously twisted as she was expecting more of a kickoff and she was plotting what else she could do for a reaction.

What kind of mother would think of this and especially after not seeing their own daughter or grandson for over a year?
Then Helen got her to wish and it was for her the best Christmas ever.
My dad John had rung her house to speak to me on Christmas day like most fathers would do.

Unfortunately, these were the days before mobile phones so talking to Helen was unavoidable today.
Now as told in earlier blogs John was no angel but in this instance, I’m on his side.
He asks to speak to me and right away she starts shouting down the phone at him.

She’s calling him all sorts saying he’s a bad father and a horrible husband and telling him that I don’t want to talk to him.
John was a hothead at the best of times and he went ballistic as all he wanted to do was speak to his boy.

I’ve no idea what he said but Helen came off the phone in floods of tears as she first wanted to be the centre of attention and secondly cause more drama.
She got it in her head that John was coming down to smash the place up which caused more panic amongst the group.

He probably did say this but come on who would go to a house and beat up a house full of old people but she was grandstanding and it was having the desired effect.

Alf her husband grabbed a hammer and he was the first to turn on mum telling her she was bringing trouble to his door and it was all her fault.

The gloves were if and there was no way Christmas could be saved and she put him right in his place.
Oh is it your door Alf I could have sworn my dad paid for it while you were best mates at the post office.

How long was it after he died when you moved in on his wife then Alf 4 months or was it 5 months.
Checkmate Alf dropped the hammer and felt like he deflated right there and then.

Mum told me she felt bad for that but she had been biting her tongue with bullshit all day and she had passed the point of no return.
It should be noted Alf was a lovely guy he was just caught up in the moment that Helen had created.

He was a former regimental sergeant major in the Royal core of signals and had seen action in WW2.
Even though Tom my granddad had died before we had met he happily stepped in and took over his role and he was good to me.

Today was different and he may have been beaten but Auntie Dot had plenty to say and none of it positive.
After another 5 minutes of pure abuse, mum and I left and went home.
Give mum her due she put on a brave face and handled it a lot better than I would.

I think it was about 2 years before I saw Helen again and it was the Christmas miracle she was wishing for.

We were full from dinner at nans but we got a lot of snacks and went and watched TV in the living room and as it was Christmas there were plenty of cool movies and we made the best out of a horrible day.

It gives me no pleasure to talk about Helen in this way but these are the facts unfortunately and I really hope she’s at peace now.

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