E35 Wrapping Up Third Year

The past two blogs focused on what happened at Colomendy and as there was so much to tell it was difficult to mention anything else which was happening in my life at the time.

I think if your still reading this almost 9 months in you can see that a lot was going on and this seemed to continue to the present day.
I am so grateful that drugs are no longer a part of my life as when I look back and reflect on those times I was in a world of shit.

Like most addicts when they are involved in that madness think they are smashing life and they are loving every minute.
I was no different I loved everything about it and it reminds me of an interview with a famous wrestler Scott Hall AKA Razor Ramon.

He said that taking drugs is the best thing in the world. He then goes onto say it’s when you want to stop taking them and you realise you can’t then that’s when your life begins to fall apart.

I will go a lot more into detail about this time of my life when the time is right and at this time of writing I just wanted the reader to see that things were far from normal before I went down this path.

Scott Hall. Razor Ramon

After writing the past 2 blogs the word spread and Peter Keen and Michael Kerfoot both got in touch with me and I learned that the incidents I spoke of with the deputy headteacher Phil were far from isolated.

I mentioned that in my opinion, Phil was up to much more sinister stuff because the headmaster Mr. Owen and him were right up each other’s arses and were always covering for each other for all the wrong reasons.

Michael told me about his background and I had no idea that he had grown up in care. He told me that anytime an allegation was made in care it was quickly swept under the carpet.

It’s hardly a coincidence that Phil would single someone like him out. There was another kid with a similar background as Michael who got the same treatment from Phil
As fucked up as it is I told him that he had got off lightly as it could have been a lot worse than violence.

I think now all these years on especially with all of the scandals that have come out in the news about care homes and cover-ups Michael knows that I’m right.
We spoke in detail about this and he mentioned that he is thinking of writing a blog or possibly a book.

I hope he decides to pursue this as like my blog many people have suffered needlessly under the hands of predators like Phil.
When this is put out for everyone to see these abusers have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Michael went on to ask me why I never gave up Phil’s true identity.
I told him the truth that because he never put his hands on me I won’t come forward unless others who have suffered come forward then ask me to.
If Michael writes about this and decides to take the matter to court ill be the first person who stands up as people who hurt children are the worst kind of evil.

I think the reason Peter Keen was singled out was first he was mates with Michael and secondly he would stand up for himself.
He isn’t Rambo but he’s no idiot either and some little bully like Phil was not going to shut him up and as a result, Phil made their lives a misery.

It’s a strange coincidence though that both Peter and Michael both become chefs.
Not only that they have both gone on to have seriously good jobs in this profession.
They have worked for football clubs, football players, and for many exclusive venues.

Now considering they were told they were worthless and will never amount to anything on an almost daily basis then this is a phenomenal achievement or maybe Phil was wrong?

The Author left bumping into the legend Peter Keen at Comic Con 3 years ago
Michael Kerfoot left with Marc Byrne right

When I got back to school on Monday after Colomendy Phil had been speaking to Mr. Owen and my cards were marked.
As we were walking out of assembly Mr. Owen waited by the doors and when I got level with him he slapped me across the face.

It wasn’t a hard slap but it woke me up and I saw Owen stood there smiling at me.
I’m watching you lad he said then he walked back to his office all pleased with himself for slapping a nine-year-old.

I hadn’t done anything wrong and we had only just come back to school so my theory is that when Phil and Mr. Owen were comparing stories that Phil was furious that he didn’t get me alone in Colomendy.
They had a ton of dirt on each other and Owen decided to help out his mate.

Luckily my teacher was Peter Gribbon and he was a nice guy. he never sent children to the office unless they had really fucked up and oddly because he spoke to me with respect and was nice to me I never acted up in his class.

It baffles me that many teachers struggle to see the correlation of if your good to people they will be good back to you.
Having said that many of these teachers are social disasters in the real world and this is the only power they will ever have.

I thought I had struck gold with having Gribbon as a teacher but unfortunately, this made it worse in the long run.
Instead of forgetting about what had happened Mr. Owen stewed on this until next year and he did get me back for this and I will talk about this more in later blogs.

It should also be noted it wasn’t just about helping out his buddy Phil this had all started in the second year.
As I was constantly being sent to his office it was easier to label me as bad.

He would never think to himself wait a minute his past 2 teachers have been a paedophile and some extremely violent it was easier to blame me and a few other kids.
It was also a double whammy to blame me as my dad going to come to the school kicking off.
Cowards like him so this is a bonus and use that to their advantage.

Away from school things we’re good at both my mum’s and my dad’s.
My dad had bought me a mountain bike for my birthday and it was a big surprise.
So much so as he and mum wouldn’t talk to each other so coming home with a brand new mountain bike was a great surprise for her as well.

It was a lovely day I went round to my dad’s and Sandy told me they were waiting for my present to arrive as they had ordered it from the catalogue.
I was worried at first and she assured me she had spoken to the driver and it would be here in the afternoon.

I didn’t notice so much because I was a kid but my dad kept me out of the kitchen.
It started as fun then it became a little weird and I had no idea what was going on.

I just carried on watching TV putting it down to a weird dad moment then Sandy came out of the kitchen and said we could go in.
I went in and they had made me a cake and a nice birthday party dinner and I was over the moon.

It turned out my present was in the back garden which was this mountain bike and now I could see why they were acting so strangely and we ended up having the best day together.

I had some serious highs and lows with dad over the years but when things were good they were great. Anyone reading from the start will understand why we had that kind of relationship.

I understood it years later and we were great before he died but I wasted some years not talking to him.
Tomorrow is promised to nobody and I always try to be the bigger person.

When your younger you think you will be here forever and it’s only when you get older you start to see that life is very short.
If you take anything from today’s blog then please don’t waste the time you have and I’ve only regretted the things I didn’t do it’s never been the other way around.

The lads and I would all go out in the night on bike rides there would normally be Chris Famakis, Andy Edgar, Trevor Steel, Simon Ng, David Cleary, Luan Howitt, and myself and we would go for miles and miles.

I think it’s fucked up that kids nowadays don’t go out the same way. Even with my Commodore 64, you could not keep me in I was always outside.
We must have been considerably fitter than today’s kids and there wasn’t as much processed food available.

More people would cook from scratch and as a result, we never got sick and life seemed so happy even with what was going on at school.

On Wednesday we went to the Wednesday club which was in a church hall in Woolton village.
It was run by a couple called Billy and Edna and I’m pretty sure they just did this to give something back.

There were a pool table and a sweet shop and they had about three records from the 1960s which used to get played continuously.
They were both really nice people and I think they are both in their 70s now.

I had them both on Facebook for a while but they took themselves off a couple of years ago.
They are old school people and they can’t be bothered will all the drama and bullshit on there.
It’s a real shame as I would love them to read this and know that they did a lot for us as we were kids.

Granted we used to take the piss with the 3 records and some nights could be a little dull but they made the best of it for us and they arranged days out in the school holidays to places like Camelot and Alton Towers.

They did try to push the god angle a little on everyone and sometimes a speaker would come in to talk to us about Jesus or read the bible to us.
Usually, after ten minutes, they gave up as it was a gang of ten-year-olds all just wanting to run around and act crazy.

To be fair to them when this happened we didn’t get into trouble they just laughed it off. They were true Christians.
They had their beliefs but they never tried to ram it down anyone’s throat and we respected them for that.
I heard they also ran a Sunday school but none of us went there so I would need to get confirmation on that.

When we got a bit older we started going to the Tuesday club which was in a building in Woolton Woods behind my house in Woolton Woods.
It was run by a guy called Lol who looked a little bit like the wrestler Pat Roach.

Pat Roache

There was football, games, a sweet shop, and pretty much a lot like the Wednesday club except there was no god angle.
Kids came from miles around and there would always be a fight or an argument break out.

Lol banned me from the club about ten times. To be fair to him though if you apologized he would always let you back in a couple of weeks later.
I wasn’t the only one who got banned there was always something going on.

Lol had a team of volunteers and they all made the best of it for us kids.
At the time we didn’t realise how good we had it as the Conservative party cut away so much of the funding for places like this.
Lol, and his team did the best they could with what they had but it was getting harder with more plates to spin.

This affected the poorer areas of Liverpool much harder than it did in Woolton. There were a lot more opportunities here as it was a more affluent area and as usual, the poorer people ended up getting screwed over the worst.

It’s the poorer areas that desperately need services like this but when the country is run by former public schoolboys they have a very let the poor eat cake mentality about themselves.

One day this disabled kid showed up at the Tuesday club and his name was Gary. It was a shame as he was seriously disabled I’m not sure what was wrong with him but even as kids we knew he was different from us.
It wasn’t bad that he was different we just didn’t understand it and we tried to include him in everything the best we could.

I think in hindsight Lol was a genius as suddenly the club was filled with disabled kids. I have never spoken to him about this but if you think about it this would be a good way of securing funding for the club and keeping the lights on for a bit longer.

This did create some problems with some of the other kids not because they were nasty we were just uneducated on the subject and the term special needs were nonexistent back then unless you were like these special kids who had just suddenly shown up at our club.

I remember one of the special lads told Seam Williams that he loved him and kissed him on the lips and Sean went mental.
He never hit the lad just pushed him away and told me to fuck off.
Lol went mental and Sean was barred from the club for a couple of weeks.

I remember laughing at this thinking it was funny and then karma came and bit me on the arse.
One of the special kids came over and put his hand on my crotch and I had the same reaction as Sean.
Obviously, an older me would have reacted differently but I screamed get the fuck off me at him and Lol appeared again going mental.

Jay Bowman was there and he spoke up for me and he ended up getting barred as well.
We left the club fuming and it had been snowing heavily. It was like a gift from God because someone had left out two shovels just outside the gates.

It took me and Jay about 20 minutes of back-breaking work but we managed in record quick time to get all of the outside snow in between the entry doors and the double doors leading into the club.

We had got it to waste height and went to the chippy pleased with our work.
I got home and mum asked me if I had just filled the foyer in the club with snow?
I burst out laughing and she tried to tell me in her best mum voice it wasn’t funny.

As much as I respect mum I just couldn’t take her seriously or stop laughing when she kept trying to bollock me.
Then she completely fucked it up and she was laughing as well.
Then I knew I was in the clear and I wouldn’t get into trouble.

To be fair to mum when the excitement had died down she told me it was a bit of a shitty thing to do and I should apologize to Lol when I see him.
To be fair she was right and I did the next day and typical Lol he was ok with it.

I’ve just jumped forward in time here this happened when I was about 12 and stopped going to the Tuesday club.
Lol was a jack of all trades and seemed to be able to do everything. He was also a musician and a gymnastics coach as well as a youth leader.

We all had murder with him at some point but we all respected him and he took no shit of any of us.
Lol is about 70 now and has been retired for years. he still lives in Woolton and I bump into him from time to time.

He’s just the same as he was back then and we always stop to have a chat.
People like him don’t realise how much of a difference that they make in people’s lives and it baffles me why the government does not throw money at projects like this.

The school year finished and we were out every day on our bikes.
Then halfway through the holiday’s disaster struck. Chris Famakis, Andy Edgar, and I were out riding and I noticed these two lads about 18 watching us on the other side of the road by St Julie’s school.

As we were kids we thought nothing of it and continued to ride up towards the woods.
They waited for us to come back around and the next thing they were in our space.

Get off the fucking bike now

Before I had a chance to react I was punched and dragged off the bike. The same thing happened to Chris and he was on the floor as the other lad hit him as well.
Andy Edgar rode back to mine and got mum but by the time she got back the lads who hit us had long gone.

We reported it to the police and they were sympathetic but they told us the truth that it was very unlikely we would see the bikes again.
The Liverpool echo came and did a story on us both and I think Chris still has the article somewhere.

Mum got me a new bike if I remember rightly for my birthday and we still managed to have a good summer without our bikes.
We were excited to go into the fourth year of Juniors it would be our final year before we started high school and we were not sure what to expect.

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