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My name is Arlo Bailey and im currently living in Vietnam. Here is a little about me

I was born in Liverpool on 19/11/1979. I didn’t do well at school and for the most part, it did not interest me. This was mainly because I suffer from a condition called dyslexia.

Back in 1996 when I left school there was no help available so I concluded with the tools I had that formal education was not possible.
I joined the Army when I was seventeen and left Liverpool as I yearned for an adventure and wanted something different.

So many of my friends had boring jobs and I felt like I was suffocating so this was an appealing option.
I spent five years in the First Battalion Irish Guards and was lucky to have traveled to many countries.

I spent most of my service in Germany and my unit was the first to be deployed into Kosovo during the ethnic cleansing.
Seeing evil like this up close and personal was a real eye-opener to the levels people will go to and made me realize the world can be a very dark place if left unchecked.

I decided to leave the military in 2002 as my unit was leaving Germany and returning to London to perform ceremonial duties.
This isn’t the type of soldering I was interested in so I thought it the best time to leave.

I became a personal trainer and was also doing night club security across Liverpool city center. I grew tired of this and missed the soldering that I had left behind and had considered rejoining the military on numerous occasions.

I got another chance to be a soldier only this time I would be wearing a different uniform.

In 2003 the second Gulf war happened and the military became heavily reliant on PMCs.
The military, on the whole, was overstretched and undermanned so the demand for ex-soldiers was staggering.

In 2004 I started working for Erinys Iraq as part of the USACE contract.
In three years I worked in Baghdad, Tallill, Basrah, and Balad.
In 2007 I was feeling burnt out and decided it was time to come back to Liverpool and living in such extreme conditions for so long had started to take its toll.

I came home and went back to personal training and unfortunately decided to try and deal with my issues through drugs and alcohol.
I almost lost everything and in 2008 I had put twelve grand up my nose and was at breaking point.

I started going to drug counseling and also discovered cocaine anonymous. After many relapses, I managed to get myself clean and went back to working nightclub security.

This was not a popular choice but at the time was broke and needed a way to make money.
While doing this I started to train in a good well known fight school in Liverpool called Next Generation MMA and met some amazing people.

I got back in shape and it was there I discovered the importance of formal education. Two of my friends Millie and Mohammed are both very successful and it was my meeting with them which made me see my options and also that I needed to change my circumstances drastically.

After moving to Greece with the view of opening a bar with my friend I saw quickly that the project was dead in the water.
I began talking to a friend of mine from the Military who is a physiotherapist. I told him my goals and between the two of us, we made a five-year plan.

I left Greece after three months and enrolled in College. I had wanted to do this for many years but was scared to go back as I had so little success and help in school the first time around with my condition.

The City of Liverpool College could not have been more helpful and they gave me all the help and support they could to help me to overcome these obstacles and get the qualifications I need to get into university.

After two years I left with the GCSEs needed and a merit grade Access to Science course.

In September 2014 I started my degree in Forensic Science at Liverpool John Moores University. After three of the hardest years of my life, I finally graduated.

Like many graduates, it was hard to find a job so I applied for a master’s degree.
I was a week away from starting the master’s degree and a job came up in suddenly Thailand.

I went to live in Koh Chang an island in the southern Gulf of Thailand and started working for a friend.

It was established quickly that this was not sustainable and I returned home after three months.I had an amazing time and met some great people but I was unable to continue to work and live there.

I came home and started to drive for Uber while I decided what was next for me.
When driving I discovered what I thought was a dream graduate job working for Enterprise Rent a car.
I was hired and left hating it all within 5 months.

It was in this time of probably the worst job I have ever had I decided I wanted to work abroad again so started the process to become an ESL teacher.
I went back to Uber and got the relevant qualifications and decided to seek work in China.

The salaries offered were very high and on paper, it seemed like an amazing opportunity.
I got to China and quickly learned that this was not the case so after three months of hell for the first time in my life I walked out of a job without any notice.

I packed my bags and went to Vietnam to continue teaching. To stay in China was not an option as my work permit was attached to the company I had left. Also, I did not want to take another chance after my experience.

I secured employment quickly in a language center in Ho Chi Min City and I worked for in total for 8 months.

The rules kept changing and the goalposts kept moving so I decided to leave the company on April 10th, 2020, and at the time of writing this I’m currently still living in HCMC but teaching and working online.

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